People, Places, Environment.

EQUANS is a global leader in the three most critical transitions of our time: Energy, Digital & Industrial.


EQ-D/SMARTR/ Making Zero Carbon Happen

Making Zero Carbon Happen

The urgent need to decarbonise the built environment requires immediate action,
and we're proud to be at the forefront of this mission.


Powering the Future

The urgent need for
Net-Zero is revolutionising asset management and energy usage - SMARTR technology transforms costly assets into sustainable energy efficient spaces.


Data Driven Decisions

Optimise asset performance with SMARTR technology - embrace the digital transition, accelerate efficiency, predict and extend the lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure.


Revolutionise Industrial Efficiency

Analyse energy usage, minimise wastage and automate costly activity with SMARTR technology.

Our Vision

The spaces we inhabit play a critical role in our health, productivity, and well-being.


Elevating spaces to support foundational needs is the cornerstone of our strategic philosophy.


Buildings and spaces fulfil functional needs, inspire emotion and foster real life interaction.


With our deep technical expertise and focus on human-centered design, we're uniquely positioned to elevate the experience of spaces and the role of smart buildings in the journey to Net-Zero.


Boiler Room to Boardroom

We utilise the flexibility and unique combinations of products and services enabled
by the SMARTR product family.

SMARTR offers cutting-edge technology that optimises energy usage and asset performance, seamlessly connecting physical and digital environments, to reduce carbon footprints at scale.

Connecting people and places with their environments, elevating spaces and revolutionising the way we interact with our surroundings.

Buildings that think for themselves enable our customers to focus on what really matters - living and working in spaces that are comfortable, efficient, and sustainable.

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