How SMARTR helps buildings to reduce costs

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Buildings often represent a significant portion of overhead costs, so for organisations looking to optimise operations and reduce expenses, they are a prime opportunity for cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Cost savings can be delivered by gaining control of cost wastage, reducing energy consumption, introducing automation and improving efficiencies. Equans Digital’s SMARTR Cloud platform wraps all of this into one intelligent solution, offering a comprehensive solution for building managers and professionals involved in building management to control.

SMARTR Cloud: A comprehensive suite of solutions

The SMARTR Cloud based eco-system seamlessly integrates assets, people and places to empower data-driven decision-making, giving you full control over your building estate. 

Cloud bolt-on services offer capabilities to address specific needs and challenges within building management:

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Analysing energy data and gaining control of energy consumption is a challenge for many organisations. With The SMARTR Energy bolt-on, energy management is made easy. SMARTR Energy uses AI-powered tools to optimise energy usage and reduce costs. Features, such as automated anomaly detection and 24/7 energy management services, help pinpoint inefficiencies, identify energy-saving opportunities, and enhance overall productivity.


Providing intelligent management of physical spaces, the SMARTR Spaces bolt-on integrates a room and desk booking solution integrated with office 365 and optional AirSmart air quality sensors. It provides data insights to optimise space usage, ensuring appropriate allocation for colleagues and teams, and helps to improve the overall working environment, supporting employee wellbeing. 

SMARTR Automation

Meanwhile, our Automation bolt-on offers predictive maintenance capabilities, for operational and conditional data insights of industrial, mechanical, and electrical assets. By using Internet of Things sensors for real-time data analytics and analysis, SMARTR Automation facilitates proactive maintenance strategies to minimise downtime, extend equipment lifespan, and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Equans Digital’s SMARTR Cloud platform offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that allows businesses and building professionals to take control of their building’s performance, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability. By using data-driven insights, automation, and predictive analytics, SMARTR helps optimise resource use, minimise waste, and create a more efficient and cost-effective built environment.

Explore the SMARTR Cloud platform today and discover how it can transform your building management, leading to significant cost savings and achieve your sustainability goals.

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