SMARTR™ Cloud Digital Solutions

Our cloud based eco-system seamlessly connects assets to empower data-driven decision-making.

Digital Solutions

SMARTR™ Product Family

Our cloud eco-system, combined with IoT installation and remote support services offer a 
complete solution tailored to your organisation and environmental needs.


Our cloud platform is a fully managed data platform from Equans Digital. Supported by AWS
architecture the platform connects users to a full range of digital services providing real-time asset
performance control and reporting.

Broad Capabilities

Expand your data environment
with capability modules

Specific modules add capabilities to meet a broad range of use cases - build your data
stack to meet your operational requirements.

Smart Hardware

Revolutionise connectivity and automation with IoT technology

Our service layer includes IoT solutions design and site installation - smart hardware connects
seamlessly to the cloud eco-system, and bolt-on capabilities deliver a complete data environment.

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We offer a comprehensive range of IoT systems with best-in-class hardware, providing complete control to enhance building efficiency and management.

Our state-of-the-art devices empower you to automate and optimise many aspects of your building operations for improved performance.

Remote Support
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Our deep technical expertise means we're uniquely positioned to elevate the experience of spaces and the role of smart buildings in the journey to net zero.

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We offer a range of remote support options tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring swift resolution of issues and optimal performance of their building management systems.

Proven Success

Transforming the healthcare sector with smart data

Our customers have delivered cost savings and are achieving their ESG and carbon targets - explore our success stories of organisations accelerating their net-zero progress with the help of SMARTR™.

Calderdale Hospital

With a significant spend on manual labour for maintenance tasks, the transition to automated solutions created tangible savings for Calderdale Hospital. SMARTR technology enabled remote regulation of building operations, optimising energy consumption, which not only reduced energy usage but also elevated the overall efficiency and sustainability of the hospital.

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