The SaaS solution for smart buildings, delivering cost savings, energy efficiency, and progress towards net-zero goals.


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A suite of products designed to digitise and manage built estates

SMARTR Cloud is an intelligent Software as a service (SaaS) platform for smart buildings, offering a comprehensive solution for hosting sensory (IoT) and Building Management System (BMS) data. With the capability to cut property expenses by up to 40%, SMARTR empowers informed decision-making, enhancing cost and energy efficiencies, and fostering healthier and more pleasant environments. Building Owners and Managers can confidently work towards their net-zero goals with SMARTR.




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For engineers, contractors facilities teams managing smart building controls

Analytics, reporting and insights of critical Building Management Systems (BMS).



Core Features:

  • BMS Interfaces
  • Drawings & Schematics
  • Service Alarms
  • Schedules & Metering

For managers and administrators, managing decarbonisation and ESG Reporting

ESG, Strategy management, energy and decarbonisation reporting.


Core Features:

  • Manage Permissions
  • Strategy Management
  • Energy Reporting
  • Carbon & ESG Reporting

For engineers and employees configuring software with IoT deployment

Fast and efficient IOT deployment and software configuration, minimal on-site labour time.


Core Features:

  • Mobile Optimised
  • Energy Strategy Configuration
  • NFC & QR Enabled
  • Cyber Secure